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Axia, part of The Telos Alliance, is a range of Digital Audio consoles. VClock acts as a Livewire/Axia GPIO Node so can interface easily with these consoles. VMeters can also interface with Axia audio nodes to show their audio levels.

VClock can interface to PhoneBOX, from Broadcast Bionics, to show a range of flashing lamps for ringing phone lines. They are also the UK dealers of Axia

VClock can interface natively with Lawo consoles, using their DMS interface or Ember+, to receive Mic Live commands and other lamp triggers.

RCS is the World's number 1 supplier of music scheduling and playout software. VClock can interface with both Master Control and Zetta, using Glue to send http messages to VClock to display now-playing information.

Radio Studio Services Ltd is a specialist company which provides consultancy and technical services to the radio industry throughout the UK. The company's Director - and principle Technical Consultant - is Richard Lawley, a graduate Electronic Engineer.

Wheatstone is the maker of WheatNet-IP, a complete audio network that combines an integrated control layer, distributed intelligence and audio toolkit with mixing and processing at every IP connection point. The WheatNet-IP environment is AES67 compatible and includes consoles, talent stations, virtual mixers and software applications for studio-wide operation. Wheatstone also makes a line of AM and FM audio processors and mic processors that are part of the WheatNet-IP environment.

VClock integrates seamlessly into the WheatNet-IP environment and can exchange SLIO values to act as triggers for either system.