Some comments from our customers...

BBC World Service Amman Bureau

"I originally considered VClock for the bureau install to have a more modern looking clock than traditional LED clocks, plus it could also interface over IP (Ember+) with a DHD 52 Series Desk for signal lights with minimal additional GPIO wiring. As I started testing the system, I began to see how useful it could be for many more technical challenges in a bureau with limited technical staff.

A combination of interfacing with the DHD, Phonebox, and a Blackmagic Video Router over IP, as well as traditional GPIOs for simple switches and lamps, and DMX lighting control via ArtNet has helped to simplify not only the bureau installation, but also the day to day operations. This includes automating video router switching, turning on DMX lighting, as well as seeing radio studio status (e.g. Mic Live) and Phonebox ring signals.

The customisable clock face looks great too, particularly with branding added, and has had many positive comments from staff. VClock is the brains of the bureau." - Ben Relf, Lead Engineer - Amman Bureau Project, BBC Design and Engineering

Saratoga's Star Radio

"We installed VClock in our new studio complex. The options are endless and together with our Axia IP Audio network, VClock allowed us to simplify 'studio switching' and 'audio routing'. Our radio presenters tap two buttons on a touch screen and it's done. The clock face is clear, clean, super easy to understand and I'd highly recommend VClock to any and all broadcasters." - Ricki Lee, CEO / Co-founder, Saratoga's Star Radio (Border Media)

Cumulus Media / Westwood One

"We were looking for a count up and count down timer display for the buildout of a new studio for 'The Bert Show', a Westwood One syndicated morning show produced in our Atlanta studios. VClock, with its extensive integration with Axia devices, solved the problem easily. A mere check-box setting in its configuration screen integrated it fully with our Axia Fusion console's built-in timers - the perfect solution for the operator. As an unexpected bonus, the unique way that VClock graphically represents our 25-Seven PDM's current delay delighted the talent." - Michael Gay, VP Engineering, Cumulus Media

Bauer Radio London

"VClock has provided the ideal solution for studio clocks across our broadcast studios. With its seamless integration with our Axia Livewire infrastructure and RCS Zetta, and being simple to interface with custom systems (we're yet to find a system we can't integrate in our studios), it's become a go to for all of our studio builds." - Mark Farrington, Senior Broadcast Systems Engineer, Bauer Radio

WTOP / WFED Washington DC

"When we were building our new studios, one of the options we had a lot of consideration to was the clocks. Our all-news format is highly time-dependent, so getting the right clocks in the studios was a critical choice. VClock to the rescue! They're super flexible and allow us to make them look exactly how we want in each studio. And the tight integration with Wheatnet gives us an almost endless choice of add-on features like mic tally, EAS notification, off-air notification and many more. I can't imagine a better choice for a studio clock." - Brian Oliger, Technology Manager, WTOP/WFED Washington DC

Holy Spirit Radio Philadelphia, PA

"VClock and VMeters have been a total game changer for our small station! It started as a quest to have our clocks match our automation software and ended up changing how we run our radio stations. The capabilities to combine and link data with automation software, streaming software, Wheatstone and even SmartThings devices with other sources such as IFTTT have been fun to find new ways to use VClock to make life even easier." - Frank Eliason, Director of Operations, Holy Spirit Radio, Philadelphia, PA

Radio Hillingdon

"Once you've got to grips with VClock, you begin to realise that what you can do with it is only limited by your imagination. Aside from its infinite configurability, I was impressed with the number of systems and applications VClock is able to interface with, which means Radio Hillingdon won't have to go looking for another studio clock as we upgrade. Support is excellent, the application is solid as a rock and frequent updates are reassuring too - unbeatable in terms of value and features." - Dan Morgan, Engineering Team, Radio Hillingdon

United Christian Broadcasters

"Vclock provides an innovative and cost effective solution to studio broadcast monitoring with a very clear and functional display and is easy for employees to use. Vclock provides the administrator with a number of options to customize the layout to best suit the deployment, and the integration with our Wheatstone consoles was quick and easy, giving a clear indication of desk routing. Extremely reliable. I highly recommend this product." - Steve Buxton, Systems & Database Administrator, UCB

Olympus Keymed

"We have used the VClock system on some of our larger operating theatre projects. The digital clock format has been well received internally and by our clients, it has become a focal point for the operating theatre. Due to the fact that the solution is very flexibile, we have been able to produce a custom digital clock format that fully meets operating theatre requirements. Finally I would like to state the level of support and customer service that we have received has been exemplary. Thanks Chris!!!!!". - Andrew Seabrook, Project Manager - Systems Integration, Olympus KeyMed

BFBS Radio

"VClock is very easy to set up and versatile enough to configure exactly the way you want it. GPIO functions integrated well with the Advantech cards and it was hassle free getting the lamps behaving the way we wanted. An excellent product for the price. The local presenter says: 'We love the easy time-telling! Volunteers liking it too. Looks very professional'". - Mark Allwood, Broadcast Technician (UK Bases), BFBS

Radio Northwick Park

"I found the clocks simple to set up and the software was intuitive. We did request a couple of minor feature requests to be added to the software and were very pleased with the fast turnaround." - Ben Hart, Technical Officer, Radio Northwick Park

Shannonside Northern Sound

"We had enough of trying to receive an MSF signal in metal clad buildings so decided to look for a modern alternative. We found VClock. It looks really good and is highly customisable. Chris provides great support which makes the initial setup very easy. We have deployed VClock in Shannonside Northern Sound's brand new Outside Broadcast Unit. We are in the process of installing it in Radio Kerry and fully intend to use VClock in Shannonside's upcoming studio redevelopment." - Trevor Galvin, Group Engineering/IT Manager, Radio Kerry

Juice FM

"VClock is sexy, sleek and visually stunning, with features we have never seen anywhere before. The centre piece in a modern digital studio." - Peter O'Neill, Course director, Juice FM / Radio Broadcast Training, CSN, Cork Ireland

Connect FM

We love VClock at Connect FM and it looks so good it's often the first thing guests comment on when they come into the studio. Solid, reliable and accurate. It's easy to configure and use on air, the batteries never run out and you don't have to put it on the windowsill for 2 hours to try and pick up the poxy MSF time signal!! Plus of course you get Chris's great service, nothing is too much trouble for him. - Mark Jeeves, Group Managing Director, Adventure Radio / Connect FM

UKRD Group

"VClock works seamlessly with our Axia system. It integrates with Pathfinder and Phonebox as well as physical GPIs, meaning the clock shows studio switching, phone calls and even the front door bell! VMeters is the perfect accompaniment, also integrating with Axia to show live levels of all of our outgoing feeds." - Rob Wallace, Group Technology Engineer, UKRD Group

GBC, Gibraltar

"Simply WOW! We are all delighted with the installation of VClock at Radio Gibraltar. It looks great, is accurate and provides the facility to embed video. This allows our presenters to monitor the frontier queues, which have been so much in the international news, and provide listeners with regular updates. Precise, neat and flexible it makes timings so much easier. Perfect for any radio station. I love it!" - James Neish, Head of Radio Gibraltar, GBC (Gibraltar's National Broadcaster).

HI FM, Oman

"When we upgraded our systems to digital at HI and Hala FM, the worry was how to control the flow of information to the DJ. Traditionally using miles of cabling, flashing lights and multiple GPIO switches, this wasnt really an option as the purpose of going digital was to reduce cabling... So we found Voceware - and were amased how easy it was to install. It literally plugged straight into our Axia system. A few commands later and we had a fully customised computer screen with all the info the DJ needs to understand what is going on around him."

"VClock seamlessly interfaced with Myriad, to add the song and artist info on the screen, and VScroll and VMeters were just as easy to set up! We pull all the audio level information across the network to the screen and can see all our meters in real time so we know exactly what's going where! The bonus is that it's all from one pc - saving rackspace / money and yet more cabling!!"

"We love it! Thanks Voceware!" - Darren Shortt, Group General Manager, Hi FM and Hala FM

MTVA, Hungary

"The presenters and announcers are always asking us for analog clocks, because it is not fast and accurate enough to read a digital clock. In the case of an analog clock it is just a glance to know what time it is. Compared to other similar software clock solutions VClock has sufficient screen refresh rate and a clean looking, parallax-free surface. Also the lamps on the display are a very convenient and highly visible solution to the basic signaling functions. The support is fast and fulfills all our wishes." - Sándor Kuti, Studio Design Engineer, MTVA (Hungarian Public Radio).

"Nothing is better for a system integrator than to work with a fast and precise developer. Thank you!" - -pista- (István Szelényi), Chief Engineer, Audmax Broadcast Ltd.

Harrogate Hospital Radio

"VClock was my one and only choice for our new station clocks. The amount of configuration available is vast and also easy to do." - Oli Stables, Studio Manager, Harrogate Hospital Radio

"I love it! Especially the on-screen 'back-time' facility so I don't have to do it myself! - Carl Richards, Presenter, Harrogate Hospital Radio

Premier Radio

"Many thanks for VClock, it looks fantastic, and everyone is genuinely very excited with the new clock system. I'm looking forward to it all going live. I would certainly recommend VClock, I think it's a really good solution, and it integrates with the Audionics eMM88 perfectly" - Andy Maple, Director, Westbrook Communications.

Free Radio

"VClock looks great in our studios at Free Radio, very easy to configure and can be customised, interfacing is very easy with the multiple GPI's, we have VClock interfacing with LAWO digital mixers via IP and Eela analogue mixers via Game Ports. We use it for multiple indicators, ON AIR, Phone, OBIT, RDS flag, Codec Frame plus many more. A great addition to any studio or outside broadcast setup. Very reliable and accurate Clock with a reasonable price tag" (Genesys's GARC also shown on the screenshot) - Nilesh Patel, Senior Broadcast Engineer, Free Radio.


"VClock puts the finishing touches to our Disaster Recovery studio. It interfaces easily with all of our equipment, is easy to configure, and looks fantastic. The Web Browser feature allows us to display a twitter feed too. Excellent value for money" - Jon Earley, Managing Director, Radio Computing Services (UK) Ltd.

Splash FM

"VClock is a very welcome addition to the studio. Being a presenter, time is most important, not only for the flow of the programme but to the listener in getting them where they need to be on time. To be able to quickly glance and see either the time in written form or numbers helps a lot in a live situation. Back timing to a news junction or a commercial break is crucial as not to crash other events, VClock makes this easy. To also be able see warning lights in one place is also a superb feature. The brightness of the warning lights is not intrusive, but bright enough to stand out and be noticed. Without any shadow of a doubt, VClock 'ticks' (sorry!) all the right boxes." - Simon Osborne, Mid morning Presenter, Media Sound Holdings Ltd

Media Sound Holdings

"VClock is a great additional to any professional radio studio. Its number 1 key benefit over traditional radio controlled clocks is it isn't reliant on the reception of the MSF signal. Since the MSF transmitter moved from Rugby to Cumbria, reception on the south coast has been really problematic. Other key benefits for us is the ability to assign custom labels to the indicators, we have a need to give some visual status indication of the switching of our 4 different station feeds. VClock does this very well. I can thoroughly recommend VClock to any radio station, it's time to change!" - David Cunningham, Group Operations Director, Media Sound Holdings Ltd

Celador Radio

"VClock is a great addition to any studio... Allowing customised branding, multiple GPI's, audible alerts (when the mic's not open!), and above all else it looks great. It's also easy to setup, and at its basic level can be done with a PC, monitor, and USB gameport adaptor. We're looking forward to rolling it out to all our studios." - Dan Overy, Group Technical Manager, Celador Radio

Newbury Sound

"VClock is a fantastic addition to the studio technology, giving us an accurate, clear, easy-to-read clock with the added benefits of (in our case) obit and tx alarms all in one concise unit" - Steve Randall, breakfast presenter, Newbury Sound

Eagle Radio

"VClock allows us to see what is going on at the Studio, when we are out at Live Outside Broadcasts. It interfaces with our Axia consoles brilliantly, and even tells the right time! And it looks pretty good too!" - Peter Gordon - Breakfast Presenter, Eagle Radio

Gaydar Radio

"I've installed VClock in our two studios at GaydarRadio, on monitors both wall mounted and on the desk. The interface was easy to set up to red lights, fader ups and TBU incoming calls, as the presenters don't always notice the switchboard during shows. I like the way you only need one pc running the interface card to drive VClock in both studios, or add more pcs but with all the gpis sent from one central unit. We used it on a laptop via VPN during our recent LOVEBOX festival OB - the presenter was able to see a customised set of signals including when his fader was up at the studio end! It's versatile and very customisable. Thoroughly recommended." - Quentin Neild - Technical Manager, GaydarRadio

Silverstone Radio

"VClock is a great idea, it means we have studio messages for presenters scrolling all the time, so it's a good reminder and saves the clutter of a white board and the clock is dead accurate of course, so perfect for news and to time links. The lights for phone and mic etc are also perfectly placed, right in the eyeline for presenters, its all in one, so very neat." - Alan Hyde - Programme Controller, Silverstone Radio

Luehrig, GmbH

"The software helps us to have only one source for our customer contacts (Exchange)." - Rolf Bruecken, Luehrig GmbH