VScroll is a scrolling ticker-tape to run across the bottom (or top, or middle) of other applications. It rotates through a collection of stories and images sourced from RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, text files or static messages. It can display a clock and your own logo, and the messages auto update at a user-defined frequency.

The look of VScroll (the colours, speed, whether to display the clock, your own logos, etc) is completely configurable.

VScroll was originally designed to display messages alongside its sister product VClock (VClock can feed it with an RSS feed), but it would sit well on any reception screen or window display. If you have a tuner card in your PC you could even add your own ticker to a TV channel.

Click on the first image above to see a video of VScroll running on top of Sky News (Sky News like you have never seen it before!).

VScroll is available as a free download to trial. It is fully functional, other than displaying unlicenced messages in between your own. To remove these, please purchase a licence.

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If you would like to purchase VScroll via PayPal, please use the link below. We will then get in touch via email or telephone to arrange your licence.

Please note that a licence is tied to a machine name and is not transferrable. Once we receive payment, we will ask for the machine name to tie the licence to, and send you a licence file to save on the machine. Multiple instances of the application on a single PC require separate licences.

The price shown is for a single license. A 20% discount will be applied at checkout for the 2nd and subsequent licences purchased at the same time and for the same product.

Please be sure to download the free trial and ensure you are happy with the product before purchasing a licence. Licences are non-refundable.

VScroll £150 per license. Quantity